High school golf could start next week

Glenn Parrish
Booneville Democrat

According to documents on the Arkansas Athletics Association’s webpage, Jake Fennell, Katelyn Holub, and Ronnie Denton in Booneville and Buck Chappell and Randy Bryan in Magazine can, as of the end of last week, remove the idea of “if” there is a season.

Fennell and Chappell coach golf, Holub coaches tennis, and Denton and Bryan coach cross country, fall sports which have been given, for now, a green light for a 2020 season.

Football and volleyball are awaiting news on their activities, which is expected to be released this week, according to published reports.

With golf permitted to begin play on Aug. 3 — Monday — the first match would mean the first high school sports by a south Logan County team since March 12.

Tennis has a starting date of the following Monday, Aug. 10, and cross country can begin on Aug. 31.

Amidst the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the go-ahead comes, of course, with multiple recommendations and or requirements.

Screening questions by school officials must require the customary questions about fever of greater than 100.4 in the previous two days; having a cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, or loss of taste or smell; and any contact with a person known to be infected with COVID-19 within 14 days.

The common six foot social distancing requirement will be in effect and masks must be worn when that isn’t possible; while personal contact including handshakes, high fives, fist or chest bumps are prohibited.

For golf, playing groups will be limited to four with suggestions of two or three. Tee times should be separated by 15 minutes for foursomes or 12 mintues for groups of two or three.

There is a recommendation that all players have a scorecard and that those be turned in to tournament officials via text or email rather than in person.

Recommendation is for any spectators remain on cart paths and refrain from any contact with competitors.

Booneville’s current golf schedule is as follows:

Aug. 5: Waldron

Aug. 11: Booneville

Aug. 13: Charleston @ Ratcliff

Aug. 17: Booneville

Aug. 18: Waldron

Aug. 20: Russellville

Aug. 25: Waldron

Aug. 27: Ozark

Aug. 31: Booneville

Sept. 1: Pottsville

Sept. 8: Charleston @ Ratcliff

Sept. 10: Booneville

Sept. 21: District Tournament @ Booneville

Sept. 29: Girls State @ Bismark

Oct. 5: Boys State @ Glenwood