Magazine schools adds drug testing policy

Glenn Parrish
Booneville Democrat

When the 2020-2021 school year starts Magazine School District students in grades seven through 12 involved in any athletics, extracurricular activities, or who park at the school during the day, will be subjected to random drug testing.

“We’re really the only school around that’s not doing it,” superintendent Dr. Beth Shumate said of the newly adopted policy.

Shumate said news of the newly adopted policy has created a misconception that all students would be tested to create a baseline, but that is not true.

“The testing company will pull the names (of students) to be tested, not the district,” Shumate adds.

Parents will be required to sign a form permitting the testing prior to a student allowed to participate in activities.

Shumate said the policy is a “three strike” policy that on a first offense makes a student ineligible for 20 days of participation and a negative subsequent test.

Shumate said the punishment can be reduced to 10 days with substance abuse counseling at a parent or guardian’s cost.