Turnover rate big for area head coaches

Glenn Parrish
Booneville football coach Doc Crowley

There’s an old adage that insists you can’t tell who the players are without a scorecard. Or a program.

These days in South Logan Count you might also want to check the coaching portion of the scorecard or program — it could have changed since your last visit to a given sporting match.

When Dakota Suttles was given the reigns of the baseball program in Magazine last month it meant every Rattler male in a senior high sport will have a new head coach for the 2020-2021 season.

Of course, some of the faces aren’t exactly new.

Besides Suttles replacing Randy Loyd in baseball, Ryan Chambers replaces Doug Powell as the new head coach for football, Justin Mackey replaced Buck Chappell for basketball, and Randy Bryan replaces Chambers with track and cross country.

Bryan is truly no stranger to those programs as his hiatus as cross country and track head coach was just a single year, after spending 30 years in charge of the programs.

In Booneville the new faces are Crowley the former offensive coordinator who is replacing Scott Hyatt, in football; and McKenzie Morris in volleyball, replacing Janice West after one year as an assistant.

The program with the most consistency in the southern part of the county is Magazine girls basketball where Randy Loyd has been in charge for 28 years.

Ironically the longest tenured coach of a AAA sport in Booneville is also a basketball coach, as Ronnie Denton has seven years with the boys program.

Among any sport, the most consistency in Booneville is Jim Tanner with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission operated shooting sports program for 13 years.

In Magazine the second longest tenured caoch is Chappell with eight years of time in softball and he also has two years at the helm of the golf program.

That leaves Vicky Parrish at one year, which didn’t include the regional match, with the shooting sports program.

The second longest tenured coach of an AAA sport in Booneville is Crowley, with five years with boys track.

Jake Fennell has four years with the golf teams so far, with ties him with Denton, who also has four years with the softball team. Denton also has three years with cross country.

Every other coach has one, or is entering their first year as head coach of their respective programs.

Formerly an assistant, Arron Kimes has one year as head coach of Bearcat baseball — it lasted three games — Katelyn Holub has one year with tennis, Darby Ulmer one shortened year with girls track, and Tim Goers one year with girls basketball.

Of course Goers had two stints with Booneville boys basketball as well.

Booneville volleyball coach Mckenzie Morris