Parks system issues being addressed

Glenn Parrish
A backhoe operator is set to transfer a scoop of shale and dirt from the Booneville Creek bottom at Veterans Park to a waiting dump truck.

When the Booneville City Council approved discontinuing operation of the city pool for this summer the city, according to officials, actually saved money.

The council was told during its May meeting the pool lost almost $16,000 in 2019. Mayor Jerry Wilkins has, in many years, noted the operation loses money.

For instance in 2012, there was a loss of $8,200.

Rather than just accept the savings Wilkins has opted to invest in the city’s parks system with projects in both Veteran’s Park and Marcelle Phillips City Park.

At Veteran’s Park Booneville Creek was dredged again to remove a shale and dirt buildup.

Doing so meant a parade of dump trucks in and out of the park, necessitating the closure of the park for a few days due to safety concerns.

Wilkins said once the project is complete and the creek is refilled, likely through the old city lake, the city hopes to hold a fishing derby at the park.

At Marcelle Phillips, Wilkins said, the plan is to renovate the pavilion.

To accomplish that plan a bat population must first be eradicated, but due to bats being in a reproductive period, the plan will likely entail using a foam to block off uninhabited holes near the roof, until bats have left of their own accord.

That would be followed by removal of the roof and installing a new covering for the pavilion, Wilkins said.