Yes, you can conceal carry and wear a mask in Arkansas

Misty Castile Hot Springs Village Voice
There is not a state law that keeps a concealed weapon carry licensee in Arkansas from carrying their weapon if they have on a mask for coronavirus protection.

Recently there has been a lot of buzz on Facebook that started with a meme. This image claimed that, in Arkansas, should it become mandatory for masks to be worn in public, a concealed carry licensee would have to choose: either not carry and wear a mask, or face a class H felony charge if they carry and wear a face covering.

While concealed carry laws vary from state to state there is no current regulation in the Arkansas Concealed Handgun Carry Licensing Law (available via that prohibits or even mentions wearing a mask and concealed carrying. These regulations were last updated in December 2019.

A representative of the Arkansas State Police stated that ”No Arkansas laws or administrative rules with respect to concealed handgun licensing have changed as a result of COVID-19.”