‘Pop up pantry’ comes to Magazine

Glenn Parrish
Jimmy King, Roy Allen Reynolds, and Virgil Wells load food into the back of a pickup truck during a "pop up pantry" at Trinity Pentecostal Church of God in Magazine Friday. The church received 1000 boxes of food from Go Fresh to distribute in addition to its typical Friday food pantry.

In addition to its typical weekly food distribution, Trinity Pentecostal Church of God in Magazine was the site of a “pop up pantry” Friday morning.

The church will host another one on Friday of this week.

In addition to their usual fare, the church had received 1,000 boxes of food from Go Fresh for the pop up pantry along with typical donations made through the River Valley Food Bank, Debbie Roper, wife of pastor Jack Roper said.

For last week’s food distribution the additional food arrived from Tulsa, Okla., Thursday night via a tractor trailer cooler with the driver spending the night in his vehicle and church volunteers unloading the boxes.

Their were two different types of boxed goods, one which contained potatoes, onions and other produce, and another containing cold items including butter, whipping cream, half-and-half as well as milk.

Those were combined with produce the church typically has including peaches, apricots, grapes, tomatoes, lettuce, lemons, limes, and more which were assembled in boxes in the church fellowship hall and routed to the pickup area via an assembly line.

There were also breads and or meats in some boxes until supplies were exhausted.

“The Lord has blessed us so we’re just passing the blessing on to others,” Debbie Roper said.

Using a platoon of volunteers the church typically loads vehicles with food for 400 to 500 families as well as passing donations to area schools for their snack and lunch programs and to the Booneville Senior Center.

Last week it was well over 700 families through the drive through event, and was upwards of 1,000 with the organization donations, Roper said.

Vehicles typically begin arriving about 5:30 a.m. and once the stated starting time of 8 a.m. arrives, vehicles are backed up from in front of the Church on Carr Street to State Street then snaking around the block and along Grove Street all the way back to Highway 109.

At times the line of vehicles, who are typically picking up for two or more families, will even extend back to the intersection of Highway 10.

The church is in the process of building a stand alone building for use as its pantry across from the sanctuary.

Produce is loaded during a "pop up pantry" in Magazine Friday.