Courthouse opening set for Monday

Glenn Parrish
Logan County Sheriff Jason Massey checks the temperature of an individual arriving for a district court appearance last week in Booneville.

The Logan County courthouse in Booneville opened Thursday, May 28, for district court for the first time since the coronavirus COVID-19 health emergency closed the doors.

While, the courthouse was not fully open, it will be on Monday, June 8, according to Logan County Judge Ray Gack.

“We’re going to have to reopen but we’re going to make it as safe as we can for the public and as safe as we can for our employees,” said Gack.

Gack said the county has obtained new glass for the doors in the courthouses which will allow office doors to remain locked with material passed from the hallway to inside an office via a chute similar to one for mail.

Glass installation was completed in Booneville on May 27.

“This will probably be a permanent thing. It’s for security for coronavirus and for security for somebody is irate — they’ll be outside the office instead of in front of somebody,” said Gack.

Gack said there also be work stations outside each office.

“We’ll have an open door but it will still be restricted. We’re going to ask people to go ahead and call before they come and each office will screen whoever they want to let in their office.”

Calls for appointments are requested to limit the number of people at a given office, Gack said.

Once open, Gack said both courthouses will be limited to a single entrance and exit. Booneville has three.

Gack also states, as he has previously, most transactions can be accomplished in multiple ways.

“Most of this stuff can be done by phone,” he said. “They can call in for assessment, or do it online, but some people think they’ve got to come to the courthouse, and that’s fine.”