County Judge seeks disaster declaration

Glenn Parrish
A section of Lyles Chapel road was washed away during the heavy rains of Memorial Day weekend. Logan County Judge Ray Gack is seeking a disaster declaration for the county and said plans to repair the road are dependent upon weather.

Logan County Ray Gack submitted paperwork last Wednesday seeking a disaster declaration for the county in the aftermath of road damages caused by flooding during Memorial Day weekend.

On the day Gack submitted the paperwork — he had made a verbal declaration on Memorial Day which was followed by an Arkansas Department of Emergency Management assessment — Lyles Chapel Road and Boersma Loop remained closed to traffic.

The reason for that is to hopefully, Gack said, have the state assist with the cost of repairs.

Lyles Chapel road sustained the greatest damage with about a 30-foot section of the road washed out with one vehicle inadvertently driven into the washed out section.

Initially there were several more roads that were closed to traffic, Gack said, but the others were patched enough to resume use.

“There was damage to a lot of roads but there were five or six that were completely gone,” Gack said.

Gack said how long Lyle’s Chappel Road or Boersma Loop will be closed will depend greatly on weather, and how fast the water level drops.

“We’re waiting on dryer weather before we can start putting things back,” said Gack. “Next (this) week is supposed to be better so I’m hoping we can start by Friday.”

“We’ve got equipment moved around this week and we’re getting ready to start. Again first we’ve got to get it dry enough where we can do it safely. We don’t want it to start caving in while we’re trying to work on it.”

For both roads there are alternative routes to access all addresses, Gack said.

“Sometimes it may just take a little bit longer to get there,” the judge said.