Magazine’s city homecoming to coincide with school’s football homecoming for first time

Glenn Parrish
The annual Magazine homecoming event has been moved to Oct. 16 and 17, coinciding with the school's football homecoming game weekend. Above, even parents get into the tutle races during the 2019 event.

The annual Magazine Homecoming has officially been moved to the wekend of Oct. 16 and 17.

“We’re going to coincide with the football homecoming this year,” said Jayrod Moore, who led the event last year.

Moore said even though things are currently being relaxed it the homecoming committee would not have had enough time to set up the event for its traditional second weekend in June.

Moore said Mayor Stan McConnell was on board with the switch to October because the weather is also likely to be better than the mid-June heat.

The annual event will also be held in the traditional site of Hank Stone Park rather than at the school, as was the case last year, and the parade will also revert to its customary route from the school to the park, Moore said.

Moore said events and reunions will be held throughout the weekend including a dinner Friday night before the Magazine Rattlers will be facing Quitman for homecoming during the program’s 25th season since the program was restarted.

The homecoming game was created four years ago.

Moore said more details about the event will be released in the coming months.