Because there are a whole lot of things that deserve a review about any given football game we’re starting a new "Monday morning quarterback" type column today – think of it as some of those things we talked about when the website went subscriber exclusive.

The theme today is, obviously, when is the last time that happened.

Last win?

For starters, when is the last time Booneville beat Ozark. It may seem like an eternity, but the 49-14 thrashing ended only a three game losing streak to the rivals that really lasted only two seasons. The last Booneville win had been in 2010. The series is a rather lopsided 47-25-4 in Booneville’s favor.

Last Thumping?

The last time the Bearcats trashed the Hillbillies, even if you don’t consider a 42-21 score in 2010 as a trashing, or even a 48-30 win in 2009, it would have to be the 49-11 game in 2001.

Last Time A Special Teams TD Started Season?

Booneville scored its first points of the season on a special teams play, even before running an offensive play. The last time that happened was in 2005 when Talor Tatterson took the opening kickoff back against Mena in a kickoff game in Van Buren.

Josh Smith’s 82-yard punt return Friday after Ozark went three-and-punt to start the game, ranks as the fifth longest and is the same distance as returns by Orben McLemore in 1951 (Paris), Ronnie Littleton in 1976 (Mansfield), and Josh Holloway in 2001 against Ozark.

Coin Flip By Whom?

The person who flipped the coin before the game that set up that sequence was the product of two Booneville graduates, one of which is currently employed in Booneville. It’s hard to imagine that ever happening.

Of course Chad Johnson graduated from Ozark while his father, Michael, was the football coach there.