Forgive me while I show my age a little bit but you kids have got it made.

Heck, back in the day if we couldn’t get to a game we had to rely on phone calls to someone who might have gone to the game, or otherwise know the result. Gasp, we may have even had to wait a day or more to find out how the home team did.

If you wanted to read a newspaper – real journalism – account of the game you had to go buy one, or be a subscriber.

If you wanted to actually listen to a game and you weren’t within range of a radio station broadcasting it, if one even existed, then tough luck. Watch it? No chance.

With the advent of social media all you need now is an Internet connection to keep up with about any game. Of course you might want to like/friend/follow someone, or an organization who may be at the game like, say, the Booneville Democrat’s Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Shameless plug? Maybe, but while we’re at it, you could have read, if you were a subscriber to, a game story about Friday’s win over Gravette before you even got out of the parking lot. Seriously, it was online that quickly.

The radio station issue is nonexistent anymore because via that same Internet connection you can link to a live broadcast on the Chamber’s website and listen to the game anywhere in the world. Booneville hasn’t joined them but there are plenty of schools who also live stream video of their games.

To that end, let’s say the frequency of Facebook or Twitter posts isn’t quite good enough and you simply cannot have audio on whatever mobile device you happen to be utilizing. Have no fear, there’s an answer for you on, wait for it, the Internet.

Starting this year I am compiling game stats on an app from Digital Scout. Provided I have an Internet connection, of course, anyone who wants can visit and search for Booneville’s team, find the game in progress and follow the play-by-play in data form.

Of course the output is completely dependent on the input and, as I said, I’m learning the program on the fly so there may be, from time to time, entries that boggle the mind. And, when that happens, they may be deleted. There may also be a play show up out of order, but usually it’s not too difficult to figure out where it occurred.

Even as a long time stat junkie, I can assure you I couldn’t have imagined having such data so readily available.

Oh, and it’s not just the Bearcat senior high team you can locate as the app is being utilized for the junior high and seventh grade teams as well. The junior high team is listed as the freshman team and, because the app developers, I guess, don’t expect anyone to stat seventh grade games, that team is listed as a JV team.

This has/will create an issue with games against true junior high schools like Chaffin and Trinity in Fort Smith, but it shouldn’t be anything that cannot be overcome.

The company who created the program is based in Ohio, which makes me really, really happy, so the number of Arkansas schools using it is not that great. However, among Conference 4A-4, Dover is on board if you get a hankering to check in on the Pirates.

See you on the web.