Alexa Taylor was back in class last week after being out of school for a week to be a participant in National Hot Rod Association’s Drag Week 2013.

According to a Facebook post the 16-year old Booneville girl spent an exhausting week between Bowling Green, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Memphis and back to Bowling Green in which she averaged about three and a half hours of sleep and reached 115 miles per hour in her 1968 Camaro.

Landing one of only 100 coveted spots in the event, Taylor spent the week with her mother, Debbie, pushing her car to the edge.

Though named Drag Week, the event is more one of endurance, because while looking for the fastest "daily driver" car in the world, the organizers put the cars to the test.

Taylor said she started out in Bowling Green on Monday (Sept. 9) with a time of 12.39 "due to shifter problems, which lasted into Tuesday in Indianapolis, but we managed to get them fixed and I turned in an 12.18 time slip."

On Wednesday night in St. Louis, "we worked on the tune until about 2:30 in the morning and I was able to turn in a 12.08 time slip the next day."

Thursday, in Memphis, Taylor says, she told her mom she was going to get her car in the 11’s and that she wasn’t leaving the track until she did. It wouldn’t be a long wait because on her second pass she ran an 11.95 "and boy was I excited!"

On Friday for the finals, she blew that time away and finished the week turning in an 11.81 at 115 mph.

She averaged a 12.08 for the week and was the 35th qualifier, only three away from the Quick 32, "so yes, I was very happy with how my car performed. We made it through the week with very few problems. I did realize last night on the way home though that I only slept 24 hours in the past week, and that I only ate McDonalds and Steak and Shake, so real food was amazing."

"I can say that I’m hooked not only on racing, but also on Drag Week," she said. "The people and the camaraderie that I encountered this past week were amazing. I’m already planning and counting down the days until DW 2014."