Today’s piece can be summed up by the single word: titles.

We’ll start with last Monday night’s NCAA title game. While I am a Big 10 guy, I am also an Ohio State guy so, no, I wasn’t rooting for the school up north. Rick Pitino or no Pitino.


Come Friday the Bearcats will be out to complete an outright Conference 4A-4 title when they host Dover. The Bearcats already have a share of the title — that will be two this school year if you’re scoring along at home.

It will also continue a highly successful year as that football team that shared the 4A-4 title reached the round of eight in the 4A football playoffs and the school basketball team did the same, in the school’s first appearance in the state tournament.

Of course that will be the goal for the Bearcat baseball guys as well too. A top or second seed in the district tournament will get the Bearcats into the state tournament for the first time in a while.


Along those same lines, as you can read elsewhere in the paper today, the Booneville School Board made a policy change to help the Bearcat track teams compete for district titles.

The decision was to allow freshmen athletes on the junior high track team to compete in the senior high district track meet — seventh grade track team members will also be able to move up to compete in the junior high district meet.

You may recall that I was one of the ones most opposed to freshmen moving up to senior high sports but I also admitted when the move to allow them to do so in sports for which there is no senior high equivalent. If so, you may think I think the latest change is proof of my belief that the move would only further my belief that there would be more to follow.

However, I actually agree with this one. A track athlete in the ninth or seventh grade is, essentially, done with their eligibility when their last track meet ends so allowing them to move up doesn’t create a yo-yo of moving up a kid in one sport, then moving them down in another.

Besides, given the number of kids on our track team these days — something else I feared — allowing kids to move up only rounds out the school’s options in a lot of events. May pledged to the board that no freshman or seventh grade athlete moving up would bump a regular out of his or her event.

Had freshmen moved up last year, rather than squeaking out a district track title, the Bearcats would probably have won going away because of the double edged plus for Booneville and minus for opponents regarding any points they might have scored. Had they been allowed two years ago, Grant Wiggins might have made the state track meet in pole vaulting.

For the record, I still feel like it is only a matter of time before a formal request is made for basketball. I don’t think it ever will for football, but who knows.


Finally, sitting in the theater Friday afternoon was a treat (and hey since I’m writing about it on a Sunday afternoon, it’s not like I was even sneaking off from work, is it).

The audience response to Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers winning the National League pennant was open applause — a World Series title for Robinson came later.

As for the film, “42,” if you have seen my Facebook post, you know I thought it was better than tremendous which, as I stated here last week, was expected.

As well as showing us at our worst, it also portrayed what is great about this country. Sure, there is more work to be done in the area of racism, but we’ve come a long way and Robinson played an enormous part of that for baseball.