LITTLE ROCK — The War Memorial Stadium Commission agreed today to turn back a Razorback football game to the University of Arkansas each of the next three years as part of an agreement to extend the current contract with the UA through 2018.

Instead of having two Razorback games in Little Rock each of the next three years, the stadium will be the site of one Arkansas game per year for each of the next five years. At least two of those games will be against SEC opponents.

As a result, the only Razorback game in Little Rock next year will be against Georgia on Oct. 18.

Commission chairman Kevin Crass, who negotiated the agreement with Arkansas athletics director Jeff Long, explained that the UA will pay the stadium $400,000 per year each of the next three years. The UA also will pay stadium rental of $75,000 for the one game played in Little Rock in each of those years.

In 2017 and 2018, the university will not be charged rent for the one game in Little Rock.

The current contract, which was to expire in 2016, called for two games in Little Rock each year, including one against an SEC opponent. In effect, instead of having six games in Little Rock during the next three years, there will be five games during the next five years.

Debated in public by fans and media for months, the immediate future of Razorback games in Little Rock was decided by unanimous vote in a meeting that lasted less than 30 minutes. Four of the commission members were present in the War Memorial pressbox and the four others voted via teleconference.