As you know if you are a regular reader of this Monday morning quarterback space, we have a theme each week. The common thread for this week is questioning the numbers.

How man in a row?

Back in 2003 when I left Bulldog Stadium in Waldron I was in no mood, but then I never am after a loss. Still, the wife insisted upon a burger from Sonic. I’m also not hungry after an L so I ordered only the one burger.

The kid who brought it to our car was wearing one of those spirit ribbons that ran from his shoulder to below his knees. He is also smiling like the proverbial cat who at the canary. Irritated by all this I told him Booneville won the last eight and they’ll win the next eight, give me the burger.

For the record, I sold them short Friday made 10 straight.

How far did you say?

For starters the game was only seconds old Friday night when I got a text. It was from Booneville Jr. High head coach Trent Goff telling me he would be locating his 1995 game film against Subiaco because he still insists his kickoff return for a touchdown that night was 98 yards long. Matt Berry’s to open the game Friday, Goff said in the text, was 96, which is exactly what I had.

Oddly there are two people who disagree with the length of their kickoff returns for touchdowns. Andy Napier insists his against Atkins in 1983 was 99. I have Napier’s at 96, which is the record as it stands now, and Goff’s at 95. I have been told there is video out there of that Atkins game too. I guess we’re going to have to check that.

What were those numbers again?

Okay, I’m not going to say someone’s statistics are inflated but, as you may have noticed in the game day piece Friday, Waldron reported Marshall Ingle as having run for 393 yards in three games and Garren Carpenter having checked in with 363. In case you’re wondering, Waldron had no offense while the lead grew to 35-0, 21 yards at halftime and ended with 131. Ingle’s first nine carries were for 0 yards; he ended, by my numbers with 14 carries for 29 yards and Carpenter had six for 15.

Bryson May, who had 308 through three weeks, had 70 yards on all of eight carries.

Breaking even?

Okay this one comes from by buddy down the road in Magazine but with the Rattlers’ third straight win after a season opening loss the Rattlers are now .500 (7-7) in Doug Powell’s tenure as head coach.

Of course that includes a one quarter loss that, thanks to a AAA rule passed this past summer, would no longer count so I guess there’s an argument whether he should be over .500.