They say if you do something a couple of times around here you’ve started a tradition. Well for the past two weeks the Monday morning quarterback column has revolved around a theme of some sort.

Ergo, today’s piece needs a theme. We’ll go with, that was impressive.

UA recruit’s performance: I’m still not sure that sophomore Austin Capps who played on the offensive and defensive lines for Star City was worthy of a scholarship offer before he played a down of his 10th grade year, but as for his play Friday night, most of the time that was impressive.

Sure he got gassed a couple times, but he played long enough to have 7.5 tackles. In reality that was 11 tackles, with 4 solo and 7 assists – my new stat tracking app does things a little differently than my old program did. Equally impressive was the another defensive lineman named Davon Leak who had 6 tackles (4 solo, 4 assists) himself, including 1.5 for a loss.

Speaking of minus yardage: I had heard from a pretty good source that Star City’s sophomore linemen had issues with run blocking. Still, it’s hard to imagine holding a 4A-8 team to less than zero on the ground, but that’s exactly what the Bearcats did, as in negative 7.

Yes that includes a kneel down at the end of the game, but the Bulldogs were short of breaking even before that. Now that’s impressive.

Bearcat line play. While we’re at it with line play, two of the three sacks Booneville recorded Friday were by defensive linemen – Michael Drawbaugh and Dalton Gray – and pass blocking is what the Bulldogs do best.

When you consider that the only defensive lineman who had a sack before Friday was Justin Shackleford, that’s impressive. Ever impressive, Shackleford, had another tackle for loss and that’s 6.5 for the year.

Overload fail. Star City was obviously intent on stopping the run and, one could argue, holding Bryson May to 54 yards on 24 carries was a success, but when you consider Booneville topped 300 yards of offense, it wasn’t.

Matt Berry got loose a couple of times and finished with 108 yards and included in the total are 59 yards is passing. Every one of those yards came in the final minute of the half: 16 to Michael Springs, 26 to Berry for a touchdown, and after a fumble recovery by Damon May, a 17-yard completion to the same.

Those late in the half tosses may not have exactly been a forced-to-throw predicament, but then again, that was the only way Booneville was going to be able to score late in the half and they got it done, so yes, that was impressive.