Okay for the second straight week we’re dealing with something that is kind of overdue. Since I don’t want to get kicked out of the sportswriters club, I simply must look at the 2013 Arkansas schedule and make my prediction.

Given the plethora of injuries lately, I’m kind of glad I waited. The wounded roster has changed a couple of thoughts.

Obviously this is the last weekly edition before the season starts, but since the 2014 UA slate was finalized last week, there really is no time like the present to deal with, well, the present.

Aug. 31: Arkansas opens the Bret Bielema era with the school formerly known as Louisiana-Layayette, now just known as Louisiana. At least it’s not Monroe — oh yes, I did just go there. The Big 10 transfer is 1-0 with a 34-31 nail biter.

Sept. 7: Beilema should celebrate his first win with cupcakes? He will actually with a Bulldog (Samford) in Little Rock. Arkansas 38-3.

Sept. 14: Southern Miss went from 12-2 to 0-12 in a year. It’s a much harder climb back up. Arkansas 37-6 and Hogs are halfway to bowl eligibility.

Sept. 21: First road trip, is to New Jersey. First disappointment is a loss in Piscataway to Rutgers, 24-14.

Sept. 28: With all the nonsense in College Station I was really, really ready to call this an upset for the swine, but those injuries won’t let me do it. Of course, I was going to do so because I don’t think Johnny Football finishes the Alabama game. So, begrudgingly, which is hard to admit, I’m taking A&M, 16-13.

Oct. 5. A trip to a Gator infested swamp already looks ugly. Obviously I’m taking Florida, 33-13.

Oct. 12: South Carolina visits. Look a lot has been made about how rough the UA schedule is but what you have to admit, but might not, is that for most of the years since 1992, South Carolina was penciled in as a W. Of course that was pre-Clowney. Game Cocks strut, 36-10.

Oct. 19: Can it get worse. Yep, but not as bad as last year. Still welcome to Alabama where the Tide rolls, 30-7.

Nov. 2: A week off came at a great time for Porkers as they ride a five game losing streak. Auburn is all of 4-4 at this point for what is essentially a bowl game playoff. Arkansas beats Malzahn, 33-27 in double OT.

Nov. 9: Not knocking Hugh Freeze, but Ole Miss looks ripe for a sophomore slump — maybe Houston Nutt will claim responsibility later; or maybe not. I see the Rebels with five, if not six, losses of their own at this point so I’m taking Arkansas, on the road, 19-16.

Nov. 16: Mississippi State visits for yet another game pitting a couple programs badly needing a win to get to the postseason. The thing is Mississippi State has a toothless Rebel team left and Arkansas has LSU to go. Still, I’m taking Bulldogs, 21-20.

Nov. 23: LSU is the post-Thanksgiving opponent for the last time, as the aforementioned 2014 schedule attests it will be Missouri. Playing for Independence, Arkansas makes it interesting for a while, but still loses in Death Valley, 27-16.

So there it is, 5-7 and bowling will be in lanes, not a tropical locale.