I learned something about myself Sunday afternoon. Very late in the week and still without copy for this space it occurred to me that the NFL draft is fast approaching.

More than once I have changed the station when sports talk show gurus have started talking about where Arkansas’ Tyler Wilson might wind up because, invariably, there is always some perceived slighting of UA players by the sports talking heads in this state.

I also wanted to see what new, seemingly out of place, team jerseys I could expect to find their way to department stores across the state. Mind you, I don’t really care, at least not much, but Wilson is from The Wood and not Camden or something so there is a little interest.

All that aside I decided to see what the so-called experts had to say. Given that, and because through the years Mel Kiper has been as synonymous with the NFL draft as anyone in the country has been through the years, I first went to ESPN.com.

It was there I learned that to read all about what Kiper and others on the site think I would need to become an "insider." I knew, of course, that meant you and to pay for access to the content.

It was then I learned that I don’t follow the draft very religiously — the same goes for recruiting — and it is a lot bigger than I thought. That has to be the case if you can get someone to fork over cash to read your thoughts about who will be drafted where and why. Another selling point is the clock that game be a countdown of 4 days, 0 hours and so forth until the draft starts.

With all the free newspaper content and other things out there, are you kidding me? Is this one of those Vegas lines guys who is going to give you a guarantee, stone cold lock that your team is going to draft Manti Te’O and inherit what is sure to be a very real punchline?

As I said, I suspected there were enough projectors out there nowadays that finding out who thought what would not be too difficult. It wasn’t.

CBSsports.com, in a composite of its six experts, had Wilson at 62nd, or the last of the second round. The eyeball network folks also said Wilson was the fifth rated quarterback in the draft, something I already knew draws the ire of those who see only through swine colored glasses.

In case you’re wondering, the 62nd pick belongs to Baltimore. But, like I said, that is a composite so one of the pickers has Wilson in Buffalo, another has him in New York — J-E-T-S. Given that Joe Ferguson went to the Bills, that would be kind of neat I guess.

Bleacher Report, projected all seven rounds and had Wilson at 68th on Sunday. That would put the Greenwood native in Cleveland in the third round.

It looks as if Wilson might need to invest in warm clothing.

Or, are the experts like the weathermen and he needs to pick up a new pair of trunks for a trip to San Diego or Miami. Or maybe life in the desert?

An Arizona Cardinal site thinks Wilson may be the perfect potential backup to Carson Palmer. And by that you have to mean the week nine starter. The piece quotes one of the four-letter network saying Wilson may be considered the steal of the draft in three years.

The preceding paragraph was gleaned from an SB Nation team page. The SB Nation mock draft itself agrees with one of the CBS guys in that Wilson is big apple bound. Good luck with that Tyler.