As many of you know, on the road I almost always do stats on the sideline. No, I haven’t been thrown out of an opposing press box, but it’s probably been closer than I’d like to admit.

While walking up and down the sidelines I am often asked questions because, as today’s theme suggests, inquiring minds want to know.

Just seconds into the game at Subiaco Friday night I was asked when was the last time anyone returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown in two straight games.

What made the question pertinent was Matt Berry had just done it for the second straight week when Subiaco won the toss and deferred, then kicked the ball to the 3. Berry went 97 and it was 6-0.

My answer was probably never, but I was certainly going to check. With it being my sister-in-law’s wedding weekend I didn’t get around to doing that until yesterday when I found that with two kickoff returns in a single season, Berry is already in pretty select company.

Only six other had done it and the last one was Kyle Arnold in 2002. Of the half dozen, five had done it twice and Rusty McDonald had three in 1986.

Before Berry, I discovered, McDonald had been the only one to return opening kickoff in successive weeks. He took back the opening kickoff against Greenwood – and another one when it was 8-8 – then took back the opening kickoff against Waldron a week later.

The others with two kickoff return touchdowns in a season are Hobert Earl Partain (1939), David Cotner (1966), Joel McDonald (1989), and Davin Hicks (1997).

Note to Dardanelle. If you win the toss you may want the ball.

Actually Friday I was asked a question even before the game when was the last time Subiaco had won a game versus Booneville. It was 1956, a span of 28 games. I had actually goofed and told other media folks all week it was 1955.

Note to self, look things up, even when you’re sure.

Coming out of halftime I was asked how many yards Cody Harrel had passing. It was 132. Coach (Doc) Crowley was disappointed it wasn’t 150. It would have been 141 if Harrel had not completed a pass to himself.

Following the note from a few sentences back, I looked it up and Harrel has thrown for 301 yards already. That’s more than he has rushing, and more than he threw for in all of 2012.

Finally, I am sometimes asked goofy questions – no, questions don’t bother me – like Damon May wanting to know if I was sure I had all of his tackles. Yes, I did, but then May’s 24 had no pads under it and he was in jeans.