Okay, is there a conspiracy afoot here?

There are exceptions, of course, like Newtown, but as a practice I try not to let things from the news world slip into this space. After all, this is a sports column. Generally, when a non-national subject encroaches this space it comes out of a meeting of the Booneville School Board, as was the case when the so-called "Tebow rule" was discussed in a meeting.

Since the board has yet to meet this month, they cannot possibly cause a sports column. Or can they?

As far as I can recollect, in each of the first 15 summers I spent on this job, the July meeting of the board was always my least favorite. The reason is simple, I grew up an enormous fan of the Mid-summer Classic, Major League Baseball’s All Star Game.

As a kid, and later, I sat in front of a television on the second Tuesday in July, scorebook in hand, completing what is generally one of the most challenging box scores one can attempt via pen and ink.

Then news happened — the school board’s stated meeting date is the second Tuesday of every month.

Many times through the years Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez was selected to start behind the dish I was tempted to skip the July meeting. Generally paranoid about not having enough copy, I never did.

Oh I tried recording the game and watching it when I got home, but that never seemed to work. I tried sneaking glances of a television located in a back office in the administration building where board meetings are held but invariably an executive session would end at the worst time or the game would always be between innings.

I even got home early enough to see a large portion of the game once or twice, last year for instance, but missing the introductions et. all left it all a little hollow.

Well, that all could have ended this year. I could have called it the Sweet 16(th). Or a more fitting baseball analogy would probably be breaking out of a long slump. Instead it was a bad call to end the inning.

Back in February school superintendent John Parrish was looking ahead on his calendar and asked the board if they would mind moving the July meeting back a week, to the 16th ironically. The board agreed. Of course the board now and then isn’t exactly the same, and could undergo even more changes, but that is something for a news piece.

Time doing what it does to the mind, I had forgotten the change. Then the wife learned she would have to be out of town on July 9 for a work related activity, which would leave care of our two little darlings up to me. Second Tuesday of the month, I mused, is school board, so I guess they will learn what it really means to learn the irony of bored versus board I said.

When the board met on June 4 there was a reminder that the July meeting would be held a week later. The kids dodged a bullet I thought.

Then I thought. All Star game. Woo hoo! But of course the good folks at MLB did not opt for the second Tuesday in July this year. Instead, they chose the third Tuesday, putting the game and the monthly school board meeting on the same night yet again.

Ergo, if you are reading this on July 9 — as many know, although it is dated Wednesday, the paper is generally in the racks on Tuesday afternoon or evening — the kids and I will probably be watching Jessie or some other goofy Disney series.

I’ll check the Ranger outcome but, call it a protest, I was planning to avoid the national pastime. Why not, it’s highly likely I’ll miss the game next week anyway.