With 3:27 left in the opening quarter Friday night Bearcats led Paris 14-6 but had been forced to punt, and contributed a personal foul penalty that would have Paris the ball at their own 40-yard line.

By halftime the Bearcats (2-2, 1-0) had removed any doubt that may have caused, leading 49-6 lead on the way to a 49-12 homecoming win in the Conference 3A-1 opener for both schools.

Before that an 8-yard pass from Chase Watts to Keller Keen had the Eagles (2-2, 0-1) in a second-and-2.

A sack by Andre Robertson made it third-and-9 and, after an errant snap and with Anthony McKesson bearing down on him Watts threw the ball away resulting in a sack and in intentional grounding flag.

After a punt the Bearcats had the ball at the Paris 45. Robertson got 12 yards, Randon Ray 11, and Evan Schlinker 22 and his first touchdown of the night and, with the Gavin Kent point after, it was 21-6.

Forced into a three-and-punt after Kent kicked off, Paris was unable to bring Ray down on a punt return, but the touchdown came back due to an illegal block flag.

Another flag, for holding, had the Bearcats in a first-and-19 at their 21 but Robertson rumbled for 22.

Robertson would carry the ball just seven times but led the way with 117 yards.

Cam Brasher ran for 9 and after a 4-yard carry by Gabe Fennell, coupled with a personal foul flag against the Eagles had the ball at the Paris 29. Schlinker scored from there and it was 28-6 with 10:29 left in the first half.

After the PAT there were offsetting personal foul penalties adding to the first half total of 16 total first half penalties. Paris had eight for 87 yards assessed and the Bearcats had six marked off for 45 yards.

Another unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was coming on the Eagles and, after a flag for holding and sack by Jarrett Mitchell Paris would punt again — there were seven of them in the first half.

The next scoring drive took four plays. Brasher got 2, Robertson 29, Ray 20, and Brasher ran 18 yards for the touchdown to make it 35-6 with 5:37 to play in the half.

Paris started the next drive with another personal foul and ultimately punted, and the Bearcats took over at the Eagle 36.

With the clock just under three minutes, Schlinker hit Chase Brousard for 21 yards and a first down to move the ball to the 10 and Fennell scored his first touchdown of the year from there to make it 42-6 with 2:02 left in the half.

Another personal foul, put the Eagles in another hole again and a sack by Cort Mizell complicated matters for Paris.

Time outs and a third down incompletion gave the Bearcats the ball back with 1:19 to go in the half.

Schlinker ran for 16, hit Ray for 3, connected with Ty Goff on successive plays for 13 and 2 and, after a pass was slapped away from Fennell, Schlinker ran 10 yards for his third touchdown of the half and it was 49-6.

The second half consisted of three total possessions. The Bearcats kept the ball about half of the third quarter before fumbling it away.

Paris used what would be its final possession of the game, to drive to a 12-yard Tyler Gierke touchdown run. With the clock running through an unsuccessful two-point conversion try and the kickoff, the third quarter ended.

Starting from their 18, the Bearcats kept the ball the entire fourth quarter.

Landon Beckett picked up one first down and Chance Shigley would carry eight straight downs, picking up three more first downs before Goff took a knee three times to end it.

The Bearcats had scored on their first two possession, going up 14-0 on a 9-yard run by Brasher and a 2-yard run by Ray.

However, the Eagles got an 80-yard Watts to Blake Martines touchdown to make it 14-6 — the PAT was wide — then forced a Bearcat punt.

The Bearcats will be on the road this week at West Fork, who lost 52-6 to Mansfield Friday. Kickoff is at 7 p.m.