I don’t bang out too many columns these days but a couple of them are almost required. One is the annual Razorback football prediction piece and the other is the Hooten’s Arkansas Football magazine takeaway piece.

This one is the later.

If you’re a Twitter follower or a Facebook friend, you know I got my copy of the 27th annual edition almost two weeks ago now so I’ve had time to go through it pretty thoroughly by now.

My first takeaway is Booneville got some love. Ethan Pirraglia was picked as one of the top linemen in 3A on the Sonic Super Team. Of course he has two offers already so that’s not a shock.

The 3A-1 actually occupies four of the 22 Super Team slots with two from Mansfield.

Of course some love could have been expected after a 15-0 state title predecessor. But there were pics of Dominic Helms on the title teams’ results, and Andrew Robertson on the classification notes page, where another 13 from the league are mentioned as sort of an honorable mention super team including Evan Schlinker, Robertson, Cort Mizell and Cam Brasher.

Speaking of pictues, it also seemed that the Hooten’s folks went out of their way to depict some schools where expectations are, well, not all that much.

Little Rock Hall, for instance led the 6A West section and the Warriors may not win a game — they’ve wone four since 2012. Greene County Tech opened the 5A East coverage, Hope the 5A South, Huntsville the 5A West, Cave City in the 4A-3,Dover in the 4A-4, Marshall led the 3A-2 section, Johnson County Westside did in the 2A-4 as did dead last pick Haskel Harmony Grove in the 4A-7.

Harmony Grove brings up another eyebrow raiser. Not Haskel, but Camden. Camden Harmony Grove is Hooten’s number 1 team in 3A.

Look I’m not saying Booneville should be. But it’s not CHG. Prescott maybe. You could make a case for Rison. Heck I’d buy Newport. Back to back nine win years or not, it’s a no on CHG from me.

I also noticed that Berryville won four games last. Big deal you say? That is Booneville natives Doug Shott and Jesse Frost getting it done.

That is the most wins in Bobcat land in a while. Results for every year since 2012 are listed on each team preview. Berryville had won four games the past two years cobined, and hadn’t won as many as four in any year shown.

In my best Jim Mora, playoffs?

There are seven coaches in Class 3A with at least 100 wins at their current school now. Two of them — Scott Hyatt here and Lee Larkan in Greenland, who went over the mark last year — are in the 3A-4. The leader is Clay Totty with 207 at Rison.

Believe it or not there is one coach in 3A with more than 100 losses.

Besides Hyatt’s 115-33 and Larkan’ 103-56-1, the combined win total for the rest of the 3A-4’s head men at their school is 67. To be fair, had Craig Bentley stayed at Mansfield that number would be 79 but that still gives a picture in how short term any head coaching job can be.

For instance, Mansfield (TBA) and Charleston (Ricky May) have new head coaches, Paris’ Tyler Clark and West Fork’s Justin Smith are in year two. Cedarville’s Max Washausen starts year four and Lamar’s Josh Jones is set for year eight.

Cedarville, by the way, is a playoff pick. Full agreement here. The Pirates are loaded and their four wins last year is the most since five in 2012. They get Charleston, Greenland and Paris at home but have to go to Lamar, West Fork, Mansfield and Booneville.

Charleston is the four pick, and Greenland the six by league coaches.

Back to coaching changes, there 39 listed in the book. It’s actually 40 now with Bentley moving to Mena. Magazine’s 2A-4, which is down to six schools with Western Yell moving to 8-man, has two of them, at Westside and at Hackett.

While we’re talking 2A, I noticed there isn’t a single 2A-4 player on the Super Team and Caleb Hyatt (1328 yards in 11 games) is Magazine’s lone honorable mention. Not sure how they leave off Kobe Faughn after 128 total tackles, again in 11 games.

Magazine is the third pick to Hector, who they beat soundly at home last year, and Mountainburg, to whom they lost soundly on the road.

Also from the 2A-4 the league coaches didn’t go necessarily to the traditional favorites, pushing Hackett all the way to last, sixth, and out of the playoffs in their cumulative prediction. If so that would put Westside in the playoffs.