The top squad of Booneville Bearcat shooters placed 10th at the Arkansas Youth Shoot Sports West Regional Saturday, earning them a spot in the state tournament set for June 1.

The squad of Dominic Helms, Ethan Wooldridge, Cole Boersma, Caden Shelton and Ayden Brown combined to hit 220 of their 250 targets, which landed them in a three way tie for ninth but in 10th after the tie breaker.

Bentonville West’s top squad won the regional with 231 targets hit.

The second squad from Booneville — Bryce Plymale, Karlee Hill, Hudson Rogers, Aaron Frost and Jeremy Elliott — hit 210 targets, finishing 22nd. The state cutoff was 216.

Booneville’s third squad hit 194 targets for 43rd place. The fourth and fifth squads hit 127 and 78 but were not full squads of five shooters.

Magazine’s top squad combined to hit 184 targets for 59th place. Its second squad, which was not a full five person squad, hit 91.

The top 16 teams in each regional advance to the finals, which are played as head-to-head matches in a 64-team bracket until a champion is determined.

Booneville won the title in 2015 and won its region last year.

Junior competitors consists of shoot 25 targets during the regional with the top 16 shooting teams from each region making the state shoot.

Booneville’s junior high team hit 88 of 125 targets which tied them for 16th, but they were eliminated through the tiebreaker system.