Bearcats 16-0 in games played at Bearcat Stadium.

To say the Booneville-Mansfield series has been lopsided might be an understatement. It is 58-16-3 in favor of Booneville.

While the schools typically meet these days only when mandated by conference assignment, as is the case this year, and while there has been close calls along the way, Mansfield has not beaten Booneville since 1980.

The 1980 meeting, which the Tigers won 23-20, occurred on a field the Tigers vacated when the school’s new stadium was built.

That begs the question when was the last time Mansfield won a game at Bearcat Stadium?

The answer is they haven’t.

Booneville celebrated its 50th year of Bearcat Stadium last season. Mansfield has been on the visitor’s sideline 16 times over that half century and has not won any of those games.

Mansfield last came to Booneville in 2014 and put up a valiant effort in a 48-25 loss to the Bearcats. Before the 2014 game, the last meeting here was in 2005, which closed out a third consecutive cycle the schools were assigned to the same conference.

The schools met 12 times at Bearcat Stadium between 1969 and 1992 but were slotted into different classifications for the next four two-year cycles.

Over the 16 meetings at Bearcat Stadium, Booneville has won by an average of 31.6 points (38.3-6.7), with Mansfield scoring more than 14 only in the 2014 game.

The closest game in Bearcat Stadium came during a 3-7 Booneville season in 1971, 14-12.