From Bearcat To Bobcat.

The Berryville Bobcat football program got one more addition for the 2017 season.

Jesse Frost, a graduate of Arkansas Tech University, will serve as the seventh grade football coach, as well as an assistant coach for the quarterbacks and fullbacks for the junior high and high school. In the spring, Frost will serve as an assistant baseball coach.

Frost said he is excited for the opportunity.

“It feels good,” Frost said. “I finally get to learn the system we are running. It’s very similar to my old offense in high school with a few changes. This first week was getting to meet all of the players finally, build a relationship with them. Knowing everybody’s name and what they like to do playing wise has been really fun. I’m excited to start working and get better with them.”

Frost had the opportunity to intern at Pottsville for a semester and he said during that time he gained a lot of knowledge that will help him moving forward.

“I learned a lot of different drills and motivational factors that you can use with students,” Frost said. “That’s in the classroom and on the field both.”

Berryville football coach Doug Shott and Frost are both natives of Booneville, but the two never met until Frost was hired as a coach. After meeting him, Shott is glad he’s on staff.

“I feel very good that he has a good feel for what we are trying to do here at Berryville,” Shott said. “He is probably as excited a young man as I know of to get started. I think he will be a great addition to what we are doing here. I think he is going to be a big help.”

Frost, an offensive lineman in high school, said he has enjoyed learning the triple option offense from a different point of view.

“That’s been an adjustment, but I’ve learned the steps and the reads pretty quick,” Frost said. “It’s coming back to me pretty quickly.”

In the spring, Frost will help out with the baseball team. He pitched in high school, but also gained some valuable information while doing his internship at Pottsville.

“When I was at Pottsville I learned a lot of pitching techniques from coach (Wes) McCrotty,” Frost said. “He pitched for the Razorbacks, so that side of it, I can already translate over to baseball just because of my experience with coach McCrotty. Hopefully I will be able to improve the pitchers. We are just working on speed right now and keeping it down in the zone. We want to start them early throwing as much as they can. Just throwing, stretching and getting their arms ready.”

Frost said coaching in Berryville reminds him of being back in his hometown.

“I can just see the support already from people,” Frost said. “People are eager to help and support the Bobcats. At Booneville, we had a lot of support for our sports programs. I feel like it’s the same way here. Berryville takes a lot of pride in their sports programs.”

Frost will also serve as a middle school science and math teacher.