Sweet win over Danville.

Did you get the Smashing Pumpkins reference yesterday? If not they Pumpkins have a song named 1979, which is where we're going today on our countdown of the 50 greatest games in the history of Bearcat Stadium, which on Sept. 1 will open its gates for its 50th season.

The opponent in week four in September of 1979 was none other than Danville.

Why was this game chosen? Before Brad Taylor was beloved as a Razorback quarterback he was despised as a Danville quarterback, or at least you were wary of him.

Also, because a year removed from the school's first title game appearance, the Bearcats were 1-2 coming into the game and since Danville was unbeaten the prospects of a successful season were in danger. After this game it was, in November, on to the playoffs again.

What do I remember? I know I made the customary Little John jokes, especially after the 14-12 win. I know this because I was a sophomore and that was the kind of thing we did.

What does Craig Taylor remember? I remember going in at halftime and Coach (Kenneth) Rippy telling us 'A loser wants to take his pads off, walk off and leave right now. But a winner wants to go back out there and play to win.' And, that's what we did, and overcame the bad points to win the game.

I handed off the Danny (Harp, on the winning drive) and he had nothing but daylight. And I remember intercepting Brad Taylor to ice the game.

What happened? A whole lot of ugliness until the final quarter, so we'll do that first in a good news-bad news kind of look. The Bearcats were down 12-0 going to the final quarter.

It was an interception of Brad Taylor that sparked the comeback, but it still wasn't easy. The first scoring drive started and the Danville 35-yard line and after Rick Musa was thrown for a yard loss cold and Craig Taylor threw two incomplete passes, it was fourth-and-11.

Craig Taylor hit John Adair with a screen pass and 36 yards later Adair was in the end zone. Musa ran for the extra two and the Bearcats were within 12-8.

A defense led by Dean Wall, Jimmy Wall, Scott Haller and Randy Helms forced a punt and the Bearcats had the ball back at their 39.

After moving out to the Danville 46, Harp got 25 big yards and Roy Jack Tomlin and Musa pushed the Bearcats to the 9 where, on successive carries, Tomlin went for 4 and then 5 and the touchdown for a 14-12 lead with a little more than two minutes to go.

With a last chance, Brad Taylor was trying to hit Tracy Poole, Craig Taylor picked it off and absent time outs, Danville was flushed. (Yeah, sometimes I'm still childish.)

Poole had already scored one touchdown on a 50-yard pass play and, after the Bearcats ran out of downs at the Danville 20 early in the second quarter, Butch Tackett went 80 yards for a touchdown to make it 12-0.

Tomorrow for number 15 we’ll see how many points can be scored in 48 minutes.