Tell me you're not surprised. We continue today with what a committee thinks are the 50 greatest games — so far — to have been played in Bearcat Stadium, because on Sept. 1, the stadium will open its gates for its 50th season.

Today is number 28 on the countdown, a soggy win in the home opener over Van Buren in 1973.

Why was this game chosen? Wins over Van Buren were few and far between in this era. Actually, this one is the last one in the series and came on a trick play. The Pointers won the next three years and there hasn't be a game since. Probably won't be.

What do I remember? This was my first year of Booneville football and I'm pretty sure I was there, but what happened on this night of my first semester of fourth grade has long since escaped me.

What does the Mike Cauthon remember? I was a defensive starter on the “Popsicle Gang” the 1973 team that had six straight shut-outs. The Van Buren game was the first of three meetings I played in with Van Buren who was picked up because of a schedule opening. The Pointers beat us 47-8 in the first meeting in 1971 at Bearcat Stadium and beat us again in 1972 at Blakemore Field in Van Buren, though not as badly (15-0).

The 1973 game at Bearcat Stadium was one that Coach Gene Bradley wanted badly to win because of the fact that he was a Van Buren graduate and the fact that the Pointers had beaten the Bearcats pretty soundly the two previous years. He let us know during the week’s preparation how important the game was to him.

As I remember the Pointers were starting several underclassmen who had done very well in their junior high seasons prior and were a very determined and formidable opponent. We beat them 6-0 and as I remember Coach Bradley was very joyous after the win expressing his gratitude to the team for the victory. As to the actual game, obviously a defensive battle, our defense kept them in-check the whole game and our offense had a little success, at least enough to win.

To make up for yesterday's weak comment section how about what does Bob Lovett remember?

Before the start of the season, Chuck Pierini told me that he had wanted to go out for nose guard, and I said that I had really wanted to play defensive tackle. However, when Coach Bradley picked his defensive team starters, I got to play nose guard and Chuck got to play defensive tackle.

During the Van Buren game, Coach Bradley sent me in to play DT for Chuck. Van Buren tried a running play, but fumbled the ball. It stopped right at my feet, and I fell on it. The next defensive series Coach Bradley had us go back to our regular defensive positions. So, I got play defensive tackle for one play and recovered a fumble during that game. Chuck Pierini never got to play nose guard -- something that I reminded Chuck several times during the rest of our senior year.

What happened? Neither team passed midfield for over a quarter and for the night drives were impossible to sustain.

The Bearcats had only one real drive and a fourth-and-7 pass from Ricky Holcomb to Ronald McGrath went for just 6.

Holcomb threw for 104 yards total, the majority coming on the second of the two-play scoring drive that won it. Starting on their own 20, Bruce Ray got 21 and Holcomb hit Eddie Steele who handed to Ricky Lunsford to finish the 59-yard play.

Glen Fritsche was credited with 11 tackles in the game.

Tomorrow we'll own Highway 10 again at number 28.