We continue today with what a committee thinks are the 50 greatest games — so far — to have been played in Bearcat Stadium, because on Sept. 1, the stadium will open its gates for its 50th season.

For number 31 we have a 42-0 blowout from 1998, during the 42 point series, but it’s easily explained as Paris was the victim.

Why was this game chosen? Paris had won four straight and seemed to be a curse. If there was a curse this September night it was probably verbal and from the visitor’s sideline. I also remember there was a bird that got into the transformer and fried himself around lunch that day and there was no way this game would be played without lights on the home side. It was fixed in time for the beatdown.

What do I remember? I’m old school and new school, meaning I despise both Paris and Ozark. That said, I actually remember more of the sick feeling from the 1997 game and even more so the 1995 game so it was a long time coming, but it was be a long enjoyable night starting with a touchdown pass on the first play. Yeah, put 10 in the box again please.

What does Josh Boersma remember? I remember Toby Woods was big thing for them.

They ran the "guard around." I got to do it all week in practice and I begged coach Tipton to let me do it in the game he said, 'No, you're clumsy,' but somehow I caught a fumble on the east side of the field and go to rumble bumble around towards the goal line. All I could think of was 'No' and I made a dash towards it and not making very far, 7 or 8 yards maybe, before getting tackled, tripping or something.

Also remember Chad Farris playing D end and crushing Woods again and again. I think it was Tony Sheppard from D line was in the backfield all night long.

What happened? Seriously, this thing was over in one snap: Brandon Rowland 62 yard pass to Matt Shott. There was a leak in the dam.

Paris stayed in it for a while, plugging the leak until a 9-yard Allen Ray touchdown. A 36-yard score by Zach Adair after an interception by Blake Scoggin made it 21-0 and Ray’s second touchdown made it 28-0 at the half.

Paris crossed midfield to start the second half but Jeremiah DuPree caused a fumble that Rowland recovered and Zach Adair matched Ray with two touchdowns, scoring from 26. Zach Adair had 104 yards on 9 carries.

I repeat Adair’s first name because Travis Adair had a 40-yard touchdown to make it 42-0.

Paris threatened to avoid the shutout but Michael Scott and Brant Bishop stopped Gregory Binz short of the goal line after a pass completion on the final play of the night.

Tomorrow we break into the top 30 by beating a Number 1.