A win by the Bearcats over Subiaco Friday night assures Booneville of the two seed in the Class 4A playoffs which get underway on Nov. 11, although there is a scenario the Bearcats can win the conference.

For that to happen the Bearcats need to beat Subiaco by at least five of the maximum 13 points in a tiebreaker, Waldron needs to beat Dardanelle – a must to get into the playoffs themselves or Pottsville enters the postseason, assuming a win over West Fork – and Dover needs to beat Ozark by at least 6.

Under that perfect combination three-way tie the Bearcats would have 51, or as many as 59 with the maximum number of points. A six point win by Dover drops Ozark to 4-3 and out of the picture and gives the Pirates 50 tiebreaker points. A loss by Dardanelle leaves them at 50, to drop the Sand Lizards into the three seed and puts Dover into the second seed based on their win over Dardanelle and the Bearcats into the one seed based on their win over Dover.

Should Ozark beat Dover or Dover beat Ozark by less than 6 and the Bearcats get five or more points against Subiaco, the Bearcats are the second seed in any tiebreaker.

Should Dardanelle beat Waldron, the Sand Lizards win the conference title outright and regardless of the other games the Bearcats are the two-seed based on head-to-head wins over anyone involved.