Today is a big day for the 70th annual South Logan County Livestock Show and Fair.

That’s because it is today that animal exhibits will be weighed and entered for the show competition. It is also the day that home economic exhibits, which were entered yesterday (Tuesday) will be judged.

The 70th edition of the South Logan County Fair got underway last night with the annual hay show.

Actually, the first fair-related event, a fair queen and princess contest was held on Aug. 24. The queen contest, South Logan County Fair Board president Sam Tabler said, is expected to be an annual event held early each year so that the queen can fulfill duties, such as handing out trophies during the fair.

This year, however, that duty will fall to the fair princess because the queen pageant drew no contestants.

Though it’s not necessarily related to this year’s fair, fair goers may recognize a remodeling project. Tabler said that is because the buildings are rented throughout the year for birthday parties, weddings and the like and the fair board would like to make the buildings more attractive.

Income from such rentals and other fundraisers the board envisions throughout the next year will be earmarked for a carnival.

"We have not completely given up, at some point in the future having a carnival back," said Tabler. "The problem that we have now, most carnivals want a set fee to leave any community with, and at this point we can’t afford that fee."

In the meantime, Carnival Party will be back at the fair on Thursday and Friday nights and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The company will have a ticket booth and 10 to 12 exhibits.

Carnival Party was on hand for the fair last year but their one day stay was cut even shorter by the weather.

"The only rain I think we had last summer was for the Carnival Party and it blew some of their tents down, so they only operated for about two hours," said Tabler.

In addition to the Carnival Party exhibits, the Thursday schedule includes the annual free Chuck Wagon dinner, which will be accompanied by Ruff Cut performing live.

Friday’s schedule includes all livestock shows and the Saturday lineup includes the 4-H pullet auction, the dog show, and the junior premium auction.