There was a new offense leading the way in felony charged offenses in South Logan County in 2013.

Bucking the trend of drug related offenses leading the way for years, in 2013 the top offense involved suspects letting themselves into somewhere they weren’t permitted and or welcome.

Of the 97 cases in which arrest warrants were issued last year 14 listed breaking or entering as the top offense, 20 were for residential burglary and another was a commercial burglary, for a total of 36.

Theft related counts were filed in conjunction with 32 of those cases and there were another 22 cases in which theft charges were the top offense.

Of those, 18 were thefts of property and another four were theft by receiving.

The combined 58 cases involving burglary and or theft is a jump of 150 percent from 2012 when there were only 23 cases involving theft, and only 11 of which included a breaking or entering or burglary charge.

Traditionally the number one charged offense, drug related cases were down to only 19 filings in 2013, a drop of 34 percent from 29 such cases in 2012.

Overall, there were felony charges in 97 total, cases which was up from 78 cases in 2012, which had been a decline from 115 cases in 2011.

Following drug related offenses were sexual related and battery offenses – there were five cases of each.

The sexual related offense included a rape, three second degree sexual assaults, and one case involving a sex offender working with children. The battery offenses were four second degree battery and a third degree battery.

There were also two terroristic threatening cases, two felony hot check cases, two forgery cases, one weapons related offense, one DWI 3 and one leaving the scene of a personal injury accident.