The 70th annual South Logan County Livestock Show and Fair came to a close Saturday night with the junior premium livestock auction for 22 exhibitors.

The 22 premium sale qualifiers is low compared to some previous years but it had nothing to do with the number of entrants, or variety, but rather how the exhibitors chose the animals they wished to present at the auction.

Actually, fair board president Sam Tabler said, the pertinent numbers for the fair were better than most recent fairs.

"Our exhibit numbers were up for the year," said Tabler. "We were real pleased with that. The fair seems to be growing. I think it is one of the more successful fairs in the past several years."

Specifically, Tabler said, cattle entries were higher than previous fairs.

More exhibits, especially if it is from more exhibitors, feeds other numbers to which the fair board pays attention.

"I think our attendance was up," said Tabler. "I think the weather was a little bit cooler than it was last year. We also had the bounce-arounds that attracted younger people.

"Of course the chuckwagon supper also brings in a nice crowd."

The bounce-arounds were several inflatable attractions and games from Carnival Party. A newcomer to the fair in 2012, rather than a single night, the attractions were up Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday afternoon this year. The chuckwagon dinner is the annual free meal provided by First Western Bank.