A relatively quiet storm season got wound up a little bit last week as most of Logan County was on the outer edge of a large storm front that passed through western and northern Arkansas.

County road department workers cleared trees that completely or partially blocked areas of Six Mile, Jones, Weaver and Mid-Valley roads on the south side of the county and a couple of other locations on the north side, Logan County Judge Gus Young said Tuesday afternoon.

The downed tree on Mid-Valley Road was outside the home of Judy Aydelott. Another tree beside Aydelott’s home had a limb blown off onto the roof of her home.

Behind her home an area in which standing grass was left pointing several different directions had Aydelott convinced it was some type of tornado that passed by her home while she took shelter inside a walk-in closet. Aydelott also said she felt her house shake during the 30 to 45 minutes she took shelter.

Aydelott’s neighbors also had several trees damaged by the winds and an outbuilding collapsed with pieces of the metal roof strewn through the yards of both residences.