The Booneville Democrat uses a slogan of 114 years and new every week but the Booneville Democrat staff took it to extreme this week.

If your are reading the printed version of the paper, you will likely realize already that the paper has a fresh new look. If you are reading an online version, the staff invites you to pick up a hard copy today.

New in relative terms, of course, because long time readers of the paper should recognize the return of a traditional lettering as well as a return of the use of the widely recognized welcome to Booneville signs that greet commuters arriving in the city from the north, south, east and west.

Also redesigned are the internal page designs and other facets to the paper.

"Through the years other changes have encroached upon the amount of space we have to publish the news of South Logan County," said publisher Vickey Wiggins. "We made these changes to allow us to present even more news in print and to give us a fresh look."

The Democrat last debuted a new look in August of 2001.

"It’s been almost 12 years since we went to the ‘Mount Magazine’ front as we call it," said Democrat editor. "We felt like it was time for a revised look."

The look actually made its debut, sort of, when the Democrat’s new look website launched in April.