There was a school election yesterday, but unless you had ties to one of the candidates you may have missed it.

There were four open spots on the Booneville School Board yesterday and each of the positions drew a single contestant, so the only voting conducted for the election was through early voting.

With a single exception, when the school board meets on Oct. 8, it will look exactly like it did when it met last week. The newcomer will be Eric Jones, who attended last week’s meeting as a spectator.

Jones ran for the unexpired term of Sam Tabler, who resigned from the board in June. The term has two years remaining.

Jones landed the seat in his second attempt. Ironically it was the same seat he campaigned for in 2005, when he lost in a runoff to Tabler.

Incumbents Bobby Cobb and Mike Farris are back as is Bill Oliver. In the case of Oliver, it will be a four-year term. Oliver’s first term on the board expired in 2012 and he chose not to seek reelection — neither did anyone else.

Because he was the last duly elected representative on the board, state law granted Oliver an extra year in the seat, or he could have resigned or abandoned his post.

The seat then had four years remaining and in July Oliver announced he would be seeking to remain on the board for the remaining four years of his term.

In Cobb’s case the five year term is his second. Farris has been on the board for 12 years over three different terms.

In Magazine Robert Curtis landed a five year term on the board. Appointed to fill a vacancy created when Don Dickens resigned from the board in 2012, Curtis has spent one year on the board already.

There were no contested races in Logan County as Paris and Scranton voters also have a single candidate to consider in their lone vacancies.