Three days into the school election filing period, vacancies on the Booneville School Board attracted more attention that they did a year ago.

That didn’t take much because in 2012, nobody campaigned for the single open seat. And, with four positions open this year there was a candidate in only one seat by the end of last week.

Incumbent Mike Farris filed on Monday. The filing period was set to expire at noon yesterday, Tuesday, July 9.

The seats of Bill Oliver, who remained on the board for a year longer than his five-year term because nobody sought the seat, board president Bobby Cobb and Farris and the seat held by Sam Tabler, who resigned from the board in June, are all open.

Oliver, as he pledged to do a week earlier, did file for the remaining four years for the seat he currently holds.

Farris will be seeking election for a fourth time. During his second term on the board Farris resigned but he later campaigned to regain his seat. When he announced he was seeking to return to the board in 2008 Farris cited an ethic conflict as the reason for the interrupting in his service on the board.

Bobby Cobb, who is currently the board president, has stated it is his intention to seek a second term. There are two years remaining on the term from which Tabler resigned in June.

There is also a single seat open in Magazine, which remained open through Monday morning.

Robert Curtis held the seat for one year. He was appointed to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of Don Dickens, after which Dickens’ son was hired by the school district as its technology coordinator.

The annual school election will be held on Sept. 17. Polls will open at 7:30 a.m. and close at 7:30 p.m. Early voting will begin on Sept. 10 and end at 4:30 p.m. on Sept. 16.

Anyone not registered to vote has until Aug. 18 to do so in order to vote in the election.