The Booneville Democrat is tentatively planning to launch a revised website this week.

Still available at the same location the new version of the site will have additional features including a slide show of news and sports photographs currently on the site, easier access to content, video links and connections to the paper’s Facebook and Twitter accounts all under a new, cleaner masthead.

Of course if you are reading this on the web, you may already know that.

The new masthead is the beginning of an plan to refresh the look of the Democrat, both electronically and in physical hold-and-fold form.

"This is something we’ve been looking forward to doing for a while," Democrat publisher Vickey Wiggins said as the site went live. "Our old site had not been updated in quite a while and our newspaper had not undergone a redesign in over a decade."

The new site also allows Democrat personnel to update site content at any time.

"We have always had the capability to update our site at any time, but the process to do so was much more cumbersome than it is now," said Democrat editor Glenn Parrish. "And we have the capability of featuring breaking news in a more eye-catching way."

The site also has links to submit news items, letters to the editor and feedback for Democrat staff members.

Other features of the site, like viewing classified advertising, will not change but the access will be slightly differently as the selection buttons are now located across the page rather than vertically.

Also enhanced is the archival system. For instance, when the site went live last week there were articles from the most recent editions easily accessible in addition to the search feature. However, archives of the previous site may not be available for some time.

Future plans for the site include photo sales through gallery uploads and an e-edition version of the paper that will be made available to subscribers who prefer their newspaper to look like a traditional newspaper, even if in electronic form.