The most obvious thing missing from this year’s Booneville Open Cow Pasture Pool golf tournament will be the cow pasture.

But, according to Stacey McCollough, the executive director of the Booneville Development Corporation/South Logan County Chamber of Commerce, the event sponsor, that doesn’t mean the April 4 and 5 tournament will simply be another benefit on the tournament Cherokee Creek Country Club calendar.

It will not be the standard 18 hole course, McCollough said.

"We’re going to try to make it as interesting as we possibly can," said McCollough.

Since the relaunch of the tournament there has been a dedicated group of individuals fretting over greens in the middle of a field west of the city that served as host of the tournament. There will not be such issues this year.

"They love it, they just eat that up," McCollough said of the greens-keepers. "But for all the work they put in and all the time they put in, I just felt bad for them. I know that sounds strange but I really did, they worked hard to get those greens in the shape they were in."

"And they did a good job. I had no problems with what they did — you’re playing in a cow pasture."

Given the challenge of preparing greens for an April tournament McCollough said he looked at a long range forecast back in December.

"We felt it would have been harder to make the greens this year, and it turns out it would have been," said McCollough.

Moving the tournament adds benefits including a clubhouse rather than a tent covering from which tournament officials can work.

"It’s early in the season so it’s kind of the time people are thinking about dusting the clubs off and getting out there and knocking one around," said McCollough. "That’s kind of what we’re wanting to encourage. We want people to get out, stretch their legs, stretch their arms and have a good time."

Needing to grow to remain a viable event, the tournament drew 29 teams in 2013, which was an increase of nine from the previous year.

"The weather worked out for us well last year. Everything last year we kind of hit our stride. The teams seemed to have a good time," said McCollough. "We had gotten some wet weather before it but it wasn’t so wet you couldn’t enjoy it."

Early registration for the two man scramble is ongoing now for $150 per team. After March 28 the registration fee will be $175.