With the exception of the highway construction over the summer construction projects around the main thoroughfare of Booneville have been few and far between.

Because of that Booneville Mayor Jerry Wilkins was glad to see a long awaited new building project start last week.

Site work began for a new Dollar General store that will be located on Main Street between Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Italia.

"It’s the same Dollar General we’ve got down here, they’re just moving to a new location," said Wilkins. "They do that ever so often."

The new store could, Wilkins said, create traffic issues with motorists having an additional stopping location on Main Street.

The Booneville City Council passed resolutions in the last two months to formally close a long abandoned alley on the property that has sat idle for many years and vacant since a home was demolished several years ago to make the site more attractive to a business.

"We had a lot of problems getting that done," Wilkins said.

Wilkins said new construction around the city could be picking up even more.

"We’ve got about three lots that we’re working on deals," said Wilkins.

One of those is for the property just east of CVs and the other is the long discussed possibility of a Walmart Supercenter.

The City Council has annexed the property where the supercenter is expected to be constructed in June of 2008, after a rezoning approval for the portion of land already in the city limits in February of 2008, and Wilkins said all indications are the Supercenter will be a reality, some day.

"When they first brought the plans in here it was at 98,000, 99,000, now they’re at 110,000 square feet," he said. "If it’s 110, it would be identical to the one in Greenwood."