According to a post on the Magazine Police Department’s Facebook account, Terry Luther, Jr. was apprehended some time Saturday night.

Luther, 35, has been wanted since leading police on a high speed chase on April 8 that began in Booneville after a pickup truck Luther was apparently driving left the scene of a traffic stop.

According to the MPD post, the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office, Logan County Sheriff’s Office, Mansfield Police Department, Greenwood Police Department and the Arkansas State Police participated in the arrest.

Answering a question in another post, MPD Chief Boyd Hicks, the page administrator, listed several offenses for which Luther was wanted, including vehicle theft and home invasions.

When Luther fled into the woods near Paint Rock at the end of the April 8 chase a resident told police Luther broke into their home, changed clothes, stole some items and fled back into the woods. Deputies later located Luther’s flip flops and a bottle of liquor taken from the home.