On Wednesday the Logan County Sheriff’s Office posted a missing persons report on their Facebook account. On Friday, a failure to appear warrant was issued for DeWitt for missing a court appearance.

Aaron Bradley DeWitt, 35, who was to appear in a case with a myriad of charges, including aggravated assault, terroristic threatening, theft of property, criminal mischief, residential burglary, breaking or entering, resisting arrest, public intoxication and possession of firearms by certain persons, had been reported missing by his family "for roughly a week," public defender John Irwin.

"The Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies have actively been looking for him, without any result, including ping his cell phone," said Irwin. "I’m not sure why I’m saying this other than to let the court know it appears this is more than a regular failure to appear.

"He is actively being looked for. I know the court has made its finding, but there is more to this than what it appears."

Dewitt is described on the Facebook post — which was shared over 200 times by Friday — as 5’ 11", 190 pounds. He was last seen in the Sugar Grove area wearing blue jeans, a tan t-shirt and a Carhart jacket.

The post indicates search teams from the Logan, Sebastian and Franklin County have sought for Dewitt. Anyone with information about Dewitt is asked to notify the Logan County Sheriff’s Office at 963-3217.

Fifteenth Judicial District Judge Jerry Don Ramey recalled warning Dewitt during a pre-trial hearing earlier this month.

"I remember at the pre-trial, I believe he is one of the ones I told, your case is up to go this morning, be ready," said Ramey. "I know that he knew today’s date," said Ramey.

"He did know judge," said Irwin.

The state was ready to proceed, according to 15th Judicial District Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Brian Mueller.

"Your honor the state was looking at trying this case but we also got word from the Sheriff’s Office that he was reported missing and that they were doing search parties and looking for him, so at that point we discontinued preparations for trial," said Mueller.

According to court documents, four of the eight charges against Dewitt are felonies and four are misdemeanors. Charges were officially filed on Aug. 30 of 2012.

In addition to Dewitt, Ramey issued five failure to appear warrants.

"Several of my clients are not here today," said Irwin. "I’m kind of hoping it’s flu-related."

In other matter Friday, Brian Keith Long accepted a plea agreement in which he plead guilty to one case of residential burglary and theft of property in exchange for a five year prison sentence, with three years suspended.

No other cases against Long will be pursued by the state but he is on the hook for restitution in those as a co-defendant. The restitution total is $9,256.53. Long also received 28 days worth of credit for time served in the Logan County Detention Center.