Currently the Magazine Police Chief, Boyd Hicks announced last week he is running for sheriff.

"After much thought and prayer I would like to announce that I am seeking the Democratic nomination for Sheriff of Logan County in the upcoming primary elections in May," Hicks said in a prepared statement.

Hicks is 55 years old and has been married to his high school sweetheart, Karen (McDonald) Hicks for 37 years. The couple has one grown son, Jesse, and four grandchildren. Hicks and his wife live on his great-grandfather’s farm in the Driggs area.

"As a 20 year veteran of law enforcement I have dedicated my life to protecting and serving the citizens of Logan County," Hicks says. "I have done so as a Police Officer with the Magazine and Booneville Police Departments, a narcotics agent with the 15th Judicial District Drug Task Force, Arkansas Game and Fish Wildlife Officer, School Resource Officer for the Magazine School District, Constable for Driggs Township and Logan County Deputy Sheriff. I am also a retired firefighter with the Magazine Fire Department with more than 22 years service.

"It is truly my desire to make Logan County a better and safer place to raise a family. God has given me the opportunity to serve in a profession that allows me to make a positive difference in the lives of others on a regular basis. As your Sheriff, I will work diligently to protect your family, property and businesses from those who seek to steal, kill and destroy. A Sheriff’s Office under my direction will make the risks outweigh the benefits for criminals trying to operate in Logan County. My motto has long been ‘Anything less than all we can do, is unacceptable!’"

Hicks said he believes the sheriff should be a man of unquestionable character, unshakable faith and one who leads by example.

"As Sheriff I will be accessible to the public at all times. I will return your phone calls," he said. "How can I serve you if I won’t talk to you? If elected, I will not take lightly the trust you put in me.

"As Sheriff I will take the responsibility very seriously and I am committed to doing whatever is necessary to make the Logan County Sheriff’s Office among the most respected and proficient in the State. The Sheriff’s Office needs strong leadership and open communication with other Law Enforcement Agencies and the citizens we serve, to be most effective in fighting crime and providing safer communities in which to live. I will provide that leadership."

Hicks said he is excited about the opportunity to serve as sheriff and will be working very hard to meet each and everyone in the next few months.

"I believe with my leadership we can develop a more positive and professional working environment for all the employees of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office and one more conducive to getting the job done right for the citizens of this great County. I would greatly appreciate your support and vote for Sheriff of Logan County," said Hicks.

Hicks has opened a Facebook page to post more information and to respond to your questions and/or comments as the campaign progresses.