The website Ready Logan County was debuted at a second of a series of meetings from which Logan County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan will be updated.

The website, accessible from contains a variety of information about how an individual, homeowner or a business can prepare for a disaster as well as a survey which plan organizers are hoping attracts a large audience.

The survey is 39 inquiries and can be completed in under 10 minutes, according to Booneville Development Corporation/South Logan County Chamber of Commerce executive director Stacey McColloug, who helped prepare the survey.

"The key is sustained action to eliminate long-term risk to people and their property from hazards," McColloug said of the analysis expected to come from the survey.

Last week’s meeting, held at the Jeral Hampton Meeting Place in Booneville, also resulted in officials taking maps to identify potential flood areas which will be merged with GIS mapping and become part of the final plan.

The Western Arkansas Planning and Development District is overseeing creation of the plan which will update a plan adopted in 2006. That plan expired in 2011.

Logan County has received a federal grant through the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management to update the Logan County Hazard Mitigation Plan. CSA Ocean Sciences, Inc. of Stuart, Fla., has been contracted to prepare the updated plan and is working with Western Arkansas Planning and Development District to execute the planning process.

Leading the meeting on behalf of CSA was Lincoln Walther, who will actually be crafting the plan.

Walther said benefits of the plan including saving lives, protecting property, enhancing economic security, reducing local government cost recover and creating a more resilient, sustainable community.

In regard to cost in particular, Walther noted the Federal Emergency Management Agency will often fund 75 percent of costs but, "there is always a local cost. (FEMA) is willing to help you a lot but you have to help yourself."

Discussion also centered upon creating a resource list so those overseeing a disaster will know where to go to get help, especially regarding equipment.

Before last week a planning meeting was held in Paris in May.