Joe Gilliam of Paris has announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Logan County Sheriff.

"I run as a member of the Republican party, but I must underscore that I am a man for the individual," Gilliam said.

"My family, experience, passion for people, and desire to impact change are the driving factors behind my candidacy," Gilliam said.

Gilliam added that although he did not grow up in Logan County, "our family has deep roots here, and many of them remain here as residents. Aside from our family history here, though, my professional experience has also led me to this decision."

Gilliam also said he was raised in a family of law enforcement officers.

"My mother retired from the Boone County Sheriff’s Department, my step-father is a retired Captain of the Arkansas State Police and my father retired as Captain of the Harrison Police Department."

Gilliam is an honorably discharged former member of the United States Marine Corp, achieving the rank of Sergeant. He also served as a member of the Fort Smith Police Department.

"I worked patrol, the Special Task Force Team, the SWAT team, and finally as Detective for the Criminal Investigation Division," he said. "I left the department to pursue a career with the Arkansas State Police as a trooper, in which I took great pride and had a marked success, however, this path did not allow me to impact my own community. I left the State Police as a Trooper First Class, to pursue avenues that would lead me to having a greater effect on the community that I have come to know and love."

Another factor in the decision to run for Logan County Sheriff was his commitment to people," Gilliam said.

"I believe that each and every child deserves to feel loved and supported by their community," he said. "While I work to improve their futures and current situations, I have also made it known that I want them to have a little fun along the way. I am deeply dedicated to our Toys For Tots Foundation and the Boys and Girls Clubs, for these reasons. I believe that the good instilled into our community’s children transfers to parents and family members and others that we couldn’t have hoped to reach otherwise.

"I have utilized the slogan ‘Our County, Our Family, Our Responsibility,’ because I see the challenges that face Logan County, and I believe that they must be met with a strong, collaborative force to overcome them," he added. "Logan County is home to me. My children are thriving in its schools and enjoying its incredible natural resources. This is a beautiful and special place to live, and if elected as Sheriff, I will commit my passion and experience to keeping it that way."