He had had enough.

Bobby Carolan lashed out on Facebook last Tuesday. The subject? He had tired of arriving for work at his office on West Main Street to find the planters near his door have been raided.

Last Tuesday made three times the planters were emptied. But this time not only his, but all eight of the planters along the row of businesses in the 100-200 block of West Main Carolan installed, placed plants into, and maintains as a beautification project for his area.

The Facebook post offered a $200 reward for information leading to bodily harm to the offender, which was amended one sentence later to say maybe not because Carolan didn’t want to go to jail.

The $200 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction, however, stood — Carolan had previously offered an unspecified award in a Booneville Democrat advertisement — and as of Friday the BPD had recovered at least some of the missing flowers and questioned at least one individual.

That is just fine with Carolan.

"A lot of time, effort and money goes into that," Carolan said.

Carolan suspected the offenders are actually replanting the flowers rather than it being a case of "meanness."

"They don’t just pull them up and throw them down," he said. "They take them."

He also feels that way because the first time the flowers were taken, so too was his water hose cart.

Nonetheless, in terms of numbers of flowers, last week was the worst, Carolan said, because previous thefts have not included all planters, as was the most recent offense.