The Logan County Dive Team was called to O’Kane Park on the Arkansas River north of Paris last week to locate a truck boat and trailer so it could be pulled from the water, according to Logan County Sheriff’s Department reports.

Robert K. Farnam, 67, of Delaware, was going fishing around 9 a.m. on Monday, April 8. He parked his truck and set the parking break to lower the boat into the water, according to incident reports. Farnam told deputies that when he exited his truck it started rolling backwards into the water. Farnam told deputies he couldn’t get the truck to stop.

Farnam told deputies the boat, trailer and truck entered the river and floated downstream. The truck eventually went out of sight, according to reports.

Farnam called a friend who reported the incident to the LCSD.

After speaking with Farnam, the deputy summoned the drive team. At that time, only a portion of the boat and trailer could be seen above the water. The deputy could see the part of the boat above the water about 150 feet north of the boat dock, according to incident reports.

Once the dive team arrived, divers entered the water and eventually located the truck in about 15 feet of water. A hook was then placed on the vehicle and the truck, boat and trailer were pulled from the water, according to reports.