Two deputies with the Logan County Sheriff’s Department have been placed on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of an Arkansas State Police investigation into a Friday incident in which an armed suspect was shot by the deputies, according to Logan County Sheriff Steve Smith.

Smith identified the two deputies as Thomas Hobbs and Jason Massey, one of the department’s criminal investigators. Hobbs has been with the department for 12 years and Massey has been with the department for five or six years, Smith said.

The two responded to a call around 9 a.m. Friday morning, Smith said. When they arrived at a residence on East State Highway 197, between Scranton and Subiaco, a man, described by Smith as being in his 60s, appeared with a weapon in his hand. Smith declined to name the man or describe the weapon.

Smith said the man fired his weapon at the two deputies and they returned fire, hitting the suspect in the hand.

"There were shots fired by all those involved. That’s my understanding," Smith said. "My understanding is that when he fired shots, the deputies were trying to get behind cover."

The deputies then called for an ambulance and secured the weapon, Smith said. The man was airlifted to the University of Arkansas Medical Science campus in Little Rock, Smith said.

Smith added that he was not aware of any previous problems with the suspect.

The deputies were not harmed, Smith said.

The Arkansas State Police arrived at the scene a short time later and the investigation was turned over to them, Smith said.