Rockline’s Booneville facility was recognized last week for surpassing 1,000,000 hours of time worked without a time off accident.

To get to that milestone Rockline employees worked from August of 2011 through November of 2013 without a mishap necessitating time away from work, according to Cynthia Totten.

On hand to help employees celebrate were officials with the Arkansas Department of Labor and the Arkansas Worker’s Compensation Commission, as well as representatives of Sens. Mark Pryor and John Boozman, Logan County Judge Gus Young, Booneville Mayor Jerry Wilkins and Jeral Hampton.

Ricky Belk the director of the Department of Labor presented the award plaque on behalf of Gov. Mike Beebe, the Arkansas Insurance Department, the Worker’s Compensation Commission and the Department of Labor.

Belk, said it took an elite group to reach the mark and that there have been relatively few — 446 — such accomplishments.

"In 38 years only 446 other groups have done what you have done. Think about that, there are thousands and thousands of employers in the state and over a 38 year period, you and 446 others have achieved this. Most assuredly you are to be congratulated."

Belk said he has a framed photo in his office of his children, their spouses and his grandchildren, which is why he chooses to work safe, "which is probably why you do it as well."

Plant general manager Keith agreed.

"Truly this belongs to you, you’re the ones who make this happen every single day," said Smith. "I want to remind you to go home (and) thank your significant other, your spouse, that individual that supports you and allows you to come in here every single day and do what you do and accomplish what you accomplish.

"Truly it is significant. It is significant to this organization. Rockline appreciates it. I appreciate it."

Jim Kennedy of the Workers Compensation Commission joked "you guys are obviously trying to put me out of a job. I want to congratulate you, it’s a great honor."

"To do what you did is awesome," said Ronny Anderson, who was representing Pryor. "Safety is not easy, everybody has got to work hard for it from the labor force to the management and you bought into it."

Pryor will also be forwarding a letter recognizing the feat, Anderson said.

Young read a letter sent by Boozman in which he said, "I appreciate your dedication to one another’s safety. I value Rockline Industries in Booneville as a production site. It is important to protect our manufacturing sector in today’s global economy. Your continuing improvement in safety standards challenges others to follow your outstanding example."

Boozman also sent a certificate of Congressional recognition to the company.