It looks like it will be an orange summer in Booneville.

The Arkansas Highway Department announced in April it had awarded a bid to resurface 3.8 miles of Arkansas Highway 10 from Highway 116 east of the city to Riviera Drive on the western edge of the town — a main thoroughfare for the city.

You may want to get used to the orange. When Blackstone Construction, LLC of Russellville, was awarded the contract at $1,049,993.69, highway officials said the project would likely be complete by early fall.

Last week the orange cones and signs directional arrow signs designating one lane traffic came into the city limits — work was previously undertaken outside the city near Highway 116.

The initial work within the city was in the outside westbound lane of the highway from the west-most Walmart entrance to the Booneville Municipal Complex. Cones were later moved to Bennett Street. On Thursday the the outer east bound lanes was blocked.

Booneville Police Chief Al Brown issued a caution to drivers last week.

"They’re going to be here for quite a while," said Brown. "We’re just asking people to slow down, use caution with these workers out there, to bear with them for delay and having to switch lanes of traffic, to be contentious of individuals trying to pull out of private drives or business drives."

Accidents will result in citations and officers will be on the lookout for carelessness.

"The main thing we’re going to be watching for is for people to slow down in the construction zone, because the fines do double," Brown said.

Brown added, "the end result will be a nice new smooth highway through the middle of town."

So far, most motorists have done as Brown would like. According to Blackstone employee Tony Hester, of Centerville, so friendly have they been thus far the number of reciprocal waves he feels compelled to return is sometimes tiresome.

Additional travel information can be found at You can also follow the highway department on Twitter @AHTD.