The first to announce he was a candidate for Logan County Sheriff, Boyd Hicks announced a party switch over the weekend.

In a Facebook message to supporters and media personnel, Hicks said he was told the only way he could expect to get elected would be as a Democrat, with an added predicted benefit that the race would be over in May.

By switching to the Republican ticket, Hicks assured that will not be the case.

Hicks said he could not align himself with the Democratic party.

"The truth is, I can’t in good faith do so because my beliefs and values are far more conservative than those of the Democratic party," Hicks’ statement said. "I just can’t align myself with Barack Obama and an agenda that I believe is hurting our country and it’s people, no matter the political advantage.

"For those reasons I will be running as a Republican, not a Democrat. I know that means that it will be a longer and harder battle, but I must stand true to my beliefs no matter the cost."